H2H Advantage is an Australian owned professional training and development company specialising in hydrogen training. We leverage years of practical real-world experience to deliver detailed hydrogen training workshops covering everything from hydrogen technologies and market drivers to safety, standards and emergency response.

H2H Advantage aims to address the knowledge gap amongst decision makers and to share their wealth of knowledge to assist in the growth of the hydrogen industry.

We Are Hydrogen Specialists

About Our Training

  • Learn from presenters with more than 20 years of hands-on industry experience developing and implementing hydrogen technologies
  • Develop a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen
  • Have an overview of the key hydrogen technologies
  • Develop the competence to make technical and economic comparisons between technologies
  • Learn practical insights on how to implement hydrogen technologies in the field
  • Network with other participants who are or will be active in hydrogen projects

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and executives responsible for strategic decisions about hydrogen technologies
  • Engineers responsible for designing hydrogen systems
  • Technicians and tradespeople responsible for building hydrogen systems
  • Interested first responder trainers

About Your Facilitator


Cranston Polson

Cranston Polson is the Founder and CEO of H2H Energy Pty Ltd. He is a hands-on Mechanical/Systems Engineer, and hydrogen technical specialist that has been solely focussed on the hydrogen industry for more than 12 years.

Cranston has wide-ranging experiences with electrolysers, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and hydrogen fleet management/maintenance. He also has extensive experience with hydrogen refuelling station design, build, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

Our Training

A broad but detailed overview of hydrogen and its use as an energy carrier. Attendees will develop a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen and develop the competence to make technical and economic comparisons between different hydrogen technologies.

  • Properties of hydrogen
  • Economics of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen production, storage and conversion technologies
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Hydrogen plant and refuelling station design
  • Hydrogen safety, standards and emergency response

A complete overview of hydrogen and its use as an energy carrier for transportation applications. Attendees will develop an understanding of the role hydrogen can play in transportation, now and into the future, the challenges to be overcome and considerations for refuelling infrastructure.

  • FCEVs, buses, trucks, ships, UAVs, Trains, Bikes
    • Designs
    • Manufacturers
    • Maturity levels
  • Challenges
  • Project scoping, including siting, compliance, hydrogen supply and refuelling station design/configuration considerations

Hydrogen Safety

If you are building a hydrogen plant it is important to train your local fire department now and regularly in the future. H2H has trained firefighters in the US, New Zealand and most states of Australia. Whether it is plant/product specific or general emergency response that you require, we have packaged solutions to meet your needs.

  • General hydrogen awareness, properties and considerations
  • Market movements and how the industry is unfolding, including uses
  • General emergency response complementing your existing training
  • Plant/product specific as required

Hydrogen Plants

Attendees will develop a detailed understanding of the considerations in scoping, developing, planning and designing a hydrogen plant.

  • Project development/scoping considerations
  • Design/configuration considerations
  • Plant build considerations - design, implementation and sustainment.

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    “Loved the level of detail and knowledge with working examples.”

    “I appreciated that the presenters had many years of experience in the industry - very knowledgeable!”